What To Expect When Joining a New Gym

Starting a new fitness routine is an exciting time, full of hope, motivation, and high expectations. Here are a few things to expect,...
Jenna Martindale
February 27, 2023
What To Expect When Joining a New Gym

Starting a new fitness routine is an exciting time, full of hope, motivation, and high expectations. Here are a few things to expect, ways to push through after the honeymoon phase ends, and how to get the most out of your new gym.

There might be a learning curve.

You may have joined a new gym for a chance of pace and with change comes learning new things. Embrace the new movements and trust that your Coaches will guide you through every step of the way. Some terminology may be foreign but with an open mind and positive attitude you'll get the hand of things quickly and find yourself falling into a groove.

You'll meet a lot of new friends.

One of the distinctions between a gym like CrossFit Minnetonka and a global gym is the sense of community. Here, you'll meet other like minded people who will support you in your fitness journey and keep you accountable when you need it. Life long friends are made in gyms like CrossFit Minnetonka.

You will be sore.

Starting a new fitness routine means you're exposing your body to new movements, new capacities, and new intensities. This inevitably means you'll have some muscle soreness while you're introducing your body to this new routine. Pace yourself and be patient while your body adjusts. Some soreness is expected, but you shouldn't be so sore that you miss more than a day or two at the gym.

Your energy levels will improve.

For the first week or so you may experience a dip in energy but this is a normal reaction while your body is adjusting to new levels of output. Soon your body will start producing more mitochondria and capillary density in your muscles, which gives you more energy after your workouts. Be aware of this, be patient during your first week, and stick to it - your rewards will come soon!

You'll be hungry.

Since you've started a new fitness routine you may be expending more calories than what's normal for you. This is the point and an increased appetite is completely normal while your body adjusts to the new expenditures. It's important that you don't ignore these hunger cues. Feel free to eat more when you're hungry; filling up with whole foods will satisfy your appetite, fuel your workouts, and help you recover.

You'll have some setbacks.

Will power only takes one so far and with any new endeavor, there's a point when your initial drive may wane. It is normal and an easy challenge to overcome. This is when the community of fellow members and Coaches comes into play. With a gym like CrossFit Minnetonka you'll have a group of friends expecting you to show up and sweat with them. You'll have one or two accountability partners checking in on you if you missed a few too many workouts. This is an invaluable aspect of a CrossFit gym that you just don't get with a global gym experience.

Your confidence will increase.

Not only will the physical changes with your body boost your confidence, but the mental and emotional improvements will make a huge impact. Of course it's awesome to feel good and look good and those physical changes will occur; but it can't be overstated how much overcoming a fear of jumping or mastering a new movement can improve your self confidence.

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