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CrossFit Courses

Flexible CrossFit Courses Available at Crossfit Minnetonka.

CrossFit isn't just an exercise routine, it's a way of life. For that reason, we are proud to offer CrossFit courses for people of every age, motivation, and skill level. CrossFit courses at CrossFit Minnetonka have been designed by professional CrossFit coaches with the goal of improving your life. We offer a variety of different programs that cater to the specific needs of any person from any walk of life.


If you have a child that you want to enroll in CrossFit courses, you've come to the right place. If your mobility is limited in any way, you'll enjoy being able to pursue our Adaptive Athlete Program. If you simply want to brush up on your skills while improving your body, you'll love our 6-Week Challenge.


No matter what CrossFit courses you are interested in, you'll get the care that you deserve here at CrossFit Minnetonka. Let's revolutionize the fitness industry together!

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