CrossFit is the Body Revolution Sweeping the Nation.

CrossFit is the multifunction workout routine that has been changing the fitness landscape for years. CrossFit is all about incorporating high-intensity workouts into a routine that focuses on functional movement, bodyweight exercises, and Olympic-style lifting. If you've ever wanted to train with a CrossFit gym, you've come to the right place.


Here at CrossFit Minnetonka, located in Minnesota, we believe in helping you on your fitness journey. From simple beginner programs to high-level coached routines, we are here to help guide you as you find your better body, better mind, and your better way of life. Our full-service gym features a variety of different programs based on your specific needs and fitness level. Whether you want to join our 6-week challenge, or you want to sign up your children for CrossFit Kids, we are ready to help you out.


Give our team at CrossFit Minnetonka a call so that we can discuss your specific fitness regimen!