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CrossFit Near Me

Where Can I Find CrossFit Near Me in Minnetonka?

If you live in Minnetonka and you are looking to change your fitness routine, you are in luck. CrossFit Minnetonka is the best CrossFit gym in the region, for beginners and professionals alike. If I were looking for CrossFit near me in Minnetonka, they would be my first stop!


The typical class at CrossFit Minnetonka consists of an hour-long session. Each class begins with a group warm-up routine that helps to get your blood pumping. From there, we begin to pursue our various skill sessions before leaning into the day's focus. Whether our focus for the day is on kettlebells or barbell work, you'll be guided by a professionally certified CrossFit coach. We round out each training session with our Workout of the Day, also known as WOD. If I were looking for the best introduction to CrossFit near me, this is where I would start!


CrossFit is all about maximizing your time, effort, and skills. Don't waste time following gimmick routines, let the best CrossFit gym in Minnesota guide you to your better body.

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