CrossFit Workout

How to Learn a CrossFit Workout Routine.

If you've paid any attention to the fitness world, you've likely heard of CrossFit. CrossFit is a varied workout routine that focuses on high-intensity exercises, compound lifts, and bodyweight workouts. While CrossFit is much more complex than our simple summary would dictate, the basic CrossFit workout is easy enough to understand. With that being said, you'll definitely improve faster if you attend a reputable CrossFit gym!


CrossFit Minnetonka is the only gym in Minnetonka, Minnesota, for your CrossFit needs. We offer a range of beginner programs that are designed to get you sweating through your first CrossFit workout. Once you've pushed yourself through the beginner's phase, there are a variety of other CrossFit workout routines available to you. To keep you inspired, we also have partnered with NIHCA for their insurance reimbursement program. Attend at least 12 classes per month, and you'll find an extra $20 in your bank account!


If you're ready to enter into a new world of fitness, give us a call today!