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crossfit minnetonka?

We know you because we are you. We work hard, want to be pushed and strive to get better every day. CrossFit just makes us happy - we get it!

At CrossFit Minnetonka we help our athletes push past their boundaries through encouragement and support throughout their fitness journey. We help by helping them become the best version of themselves - whether for competition or to be able to keep up with their kids.

By combining nutrition, metabolic conditioning, strength training and sports with an amazing community, CrossFit Minnetonka brings joy to every athlete that is part of our community.

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“CrossFit Minnetonka is the best gym I have been apart of. I have been a member at Life Time, LA Fitness, YMCA and none of these have provided me with the results and encouragement that CrossFit Minnetonka has given me. This place is awesome!!!”

open gym

We are the only CrossFit gym in the Twin cities that has 7 days per week of open gym - giving you the most value for your subscription.

In addition to regular daily programming, we offer a structured open gym program to help you work on deficiencies - taking your performance to the next level.

client success management

Are you plateauing?

Are you getting bored of standard programming?

Are you looking to get to the next level - whether that's into competition shape or to beat your last Open score?

At CrossFit Minnetonka our client success management enables our coaches to work with athletes, keeping them accountable and making sure they get what they need in order to succeed at their goals - whatever they may be.

nutrition coaching

Our Nutrition program focuses on creating habits that will last a lifetime, not just a few weeks. 

The information is out there, it's about putting it together, understanding it and making people accountable. We use only objective data, to help you track your meals, help you understand how to meal prep and build meals - all to help you succeed.


There is no magic formula - just great coaching and hard work.

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More classes and open gym time than any other CrossFit gym in the Twin Cities!


We are the only CrossFit gym open 7 days per week

our team


Our CrossFit Minnetonka coaches are fully qualified and CrossFit accredited coaches - bringing you the best coaching available to help you reach your goals and keep you motivated.


Find answers to some of our most common questions.

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