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innate health

More than just a neck and back clinic, Innate Health Chiropractic offers solutions to improve your overall quality of life!

Nothing exists for your health quite like the chiropractic adjustment.  Getting adjusted clears the interference in your nervous system that is preventing you from living life at 100%.  Dr. Nick has advanced training adjusting a variety of patients from newborn babies to the elderly and everything in between.  Your health starts and ends with the function of your nervous system, and nothing removes the interference in your nervous system like the chiropractic adjustment.

They are located at:

18202 Minnetonka Boulevard Suite 101A
Deephaven, MN 55391 

(952) 473-1208

Hours of operation: Between 8am - 5pm

Dr Nick

Dr. Nick Wegleitner grew up an athlete.  As he grew older, the years of playing sports began to take their toll on his body. His body was wearing down, and he had to do something to correct it.

At about the same time, a school project required that Dr. Nick shadow professionals in career fields that interested him. He shadowed a nutritionist, a general medical doctor, a personal trainer and, lastly, a chiropractor. Dr. Nick was astonished when he realized that the chiropractor was able to incorporate all the other fields into her daily practice. Dr. Nick liked the idea that, as a chiropractor, he could also talk with patients about nutrition and exercise. And, the adjustments helped him find relief from the wear and tear of soccer. He was hooked, and hasn’t looked back since.

Dr. Nick Wegleitner

chiropractic adjustments

Initial assessment (mandatory): FREE for 1 year and 6 month contracts

                                                     $40 for all other membership types


1 x single session: $30 

2 x sessions per month: $50 

6 x sessions per month: $100 

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