Laura Lee


Laura is a Minnetonka native who is at heart a nerd. Her favorite topics to geek out about include fitness, math, and the art and science of teaching.


After being a runner/biker/swimmer most of her adult life, she first found Crossfit in 2015. Junior high math teacher by day, Crossfitter by early morning and evenings, Laura believes Crossfit teaches a mindset essential for success in all aspects of life.


For her Crossfit is about learning to defy the impossible and the incredible community that surrounds you. She can’t wait to help you get your first pull-up! When she is not training, you can find her biking on both the paved and unpaved, hanging out at her cabin, or planning her next adventure. 

- B.S. Business, University of Minnesota Duluth

- Masters in Math Education, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer