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"Building a strong community of empowered people who push and support each other to be as fit as possible" 

Our Team

Greg Lane

Greg grew up playing basketball, baseball, and football. He then went on to play Division III Football and Baseball at Gustavus Adolphus College. Greg found CrossFit in 2013 and never looked back. He truly believes it prepares you for everyday life, whether it is carrying the groceries into the house or going on a hunting trip with your buddies, you can see and feel the difference. Greg’s favorite thing about CrossFit is the atmosphere, he always looks forward to the workouts as well as being a part of an awesome community.



Laura is a Minnetonka native who is at heart a nerd. Her favorite topics to geek out about include fitness, math, and the art and science of teaching. After being a runner/biker/swimmer most of her adult life, she first found Crossfit in 2015. Junior high math teacher by day, Crossfitter by early morning and evenings, Laura believes Crossfit teaches a mindset essential for success in all aspects of life. For her Crossfit is about learning to defy the impossible and the incredible community that surrounds you. She can’t wait to help you get your first pull-up! When she is not training, you can find her biking on both the paved and unpaved, hanging out at her cabin, or planning her next adventure. 

Cole Larson

Cole has a Bachelors degree in Law Enforcement from Minnesota State University Mankato. His main goal in life is to wake up and improve every day; he has a huge desire to help others through training, coaching, and motivation. Cole's sporting career includes football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse all through high school as well as picking up lacrosse in 9th Grade, where he was voted captain his senior year. He began lifting weights seriously and incorporating various aspects of fitness into regime in college such as swimming, biking, and running. He started his journey with Crossfit in late 2013 and has done multiple competitions around the United States. ​



Jeremy has been active in sports and fitness throughout his life. He played basketball throughout high school and has recently taken an interest in indoor and outdoor volleyball. Jeremy didn't find his passion for "weight training" until he stepped into a CrossFit Affiliate in May 2015. After going through foundations and completing his first WOD, he was hooked! Jeremy believes CrossFit is a true test of fitness as it is based on functional movements which prepares you for daily activities. This belief is what lead Jeremy to get his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in February 2016. Jeremy's training interests are: Olympic Lifting, Competitive Training and Endurance Training. Jeremy loves meeting new people and is eager to help with your training needs. 

Shubham Panwar

Shubham has spent most of his life in India until the age of nineteen when he moved to the United States as an International student. While earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from Minnesota State University Mankato he was an active member of the campus Cricket team, often earning trophies as ‘Man of the Match’ which meant all around, he was considered the best player in the tournaments he played in. As a youth, Shubham  travelled the world playing cricket and it was through this rigid and selfless training that he grew to love team sports, working hard to reach personal and team goals, and gained a real appreciation for others hard work. It wasn’t until he moved to the U.S. that he learned about CrossFit and after going to one trial class, became addicted to the CrossFit method. He has a passion for fitness, healthy eating, a strong work ethic and great enthusiasm for encouraging others to achieve their goals. Now, through his training and having been able to open his own CrossFit Gym, Shubham aspires to provide the opportunity for others to find the same connection with the CrossFit as he has.

Sam DaggetT

Sam discovered CrossFit in 2015 and never looked back. He believes in CrossFit's ability to change a life because he's seen first hand how much it has changed his for the better. He's eager to share his countless hours off podcasts, internet research and experience lifting with anyone that walks into the gym, regardless of where they're at in their own fitness journey. CrossFit saved his life. He is confident it will save yours too.

Outside the gym, Sam is an adventure sports junkie. He can be found in the woods camping or on a lake fishing. Sam also enjoys snowboarding, biking, and hiking. CrossFit keeps him fit to enjoy all life has to offer now and for years to come.

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