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Fitspace represents a welcoming and modern health and fitness community. Within the nutrition program, we believe food is the foundation of health. What we eat determines how our body functions and how we feel each day. Real, whole foods eaten in balance will create energy and vibrancy. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experience shows that nutrient needs are unique to the individual. We work with you to determine what is best for your body, lifestyle and personal goals. 


They are located at:

4906 W 35th St | Saint Louis Park, Minnesota 55416


(952) 204-3749

our team

Bachelors in Dietetics and Corporate and Community Fitness from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Registered Dietitian, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Level 1 Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist.   

Alex specializes in a real food and non-shaming approach to balanced eating. She believes an individual's nutrition plan should be unique and will customize an effective yet practical plan to help you reach your health goals. She has worked with a variety of health conditions and desires to help you learn more about how to nourish your body to optimize how well your body functions.


Registered Dietitan and Metabolic Specialist. 

Hanna holds undergraduate degrees in psychology, sociology and dietetics. Hanna holds her masters degrees in health, nutrition and exercise science. She is a registered dietitian and certified in precision nutrition.  

Hanna likes to dig deep into daily habits, past medical history and current challenges to come up with a realistic plan to help actualize potential. Gender and age are not a focus--whether it's weight loss, performance improvement or general health, there is a way to help make that a reality. Her goal is to help make that easier or more doable to achieve. 

Hanna Grinaker

Registered Dietitan, 

Endurance Athlete and Metabolic Specialist.

New nutrition clients start here

If you are are new to the CrossFit Minnetonka nutrition service, you'll need to start from one of the 2 below 6 week packages - Performance or Wellness - to begin your journey. Just select in the booking form at the bottom of this page one of the 2 packages.

6 week Performance package

Performance 6 week challenge:


If you are training for an upcoming competition or race, this is the package for you! 

You have likely experimented a little bit with your nutrition but are still looking for ways to optimize your training, performance, and recovery.  Enter: Metabolic assessments and nutrition coaching with a metabolic specialist. With a resting metabolic test we can determine your caloric needs in addition to your body's current fuel source: carbs versus fat. This takes guesswork out of how much and what type of fuel you need. From there you will learn strategies for nutrient timing, proper supplementation for performance and/or body composition goals, meal planning strategies, and more




  • Pre & Post Inbody Assessment

  • Resting Metabolic Assessment

  • Three, 30 minute nutrition coaching sessions



Cost: $230 ($350 value)

6 week

wellness package

Wellness 6 week challenge:


Are you ready to level up your health? You have already locked into a workout routine and to reap more benefits of the exercise it's time to optimize your nutrition. With nutrition coaching you will learn strategies for nutrient timing, proper supplementation for your lifestyle, meal planning strategies, and more. 




  • Pre & Post Inbody Assessment

  • Three x 30 minute nutrition coaching sessions

Cost: $140 Valued at $250

post 6 week nutrition package clients start here

If you have completed one of our 6 week nutrition packages above - congratulations! To continue with your nutrition journey we have a few package options for you each of which  contain a number of 30 minute nutrition consultations by our registered Dietitians to help you stay on track, keep motivated and increase your results.

The below options are ONLY for client that have completed one of the above 6 week nutrition packages.

Option 1: 3 x consultations at $135 ($45/session) 

Option 2: 5 x consultations at $225 ($45/session)

Option 3: 10 x consultations at $400 ($40/session) 




Nutrition services built for you . 

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