The best fitness programs not only produce results, but PROVE those results. Welcome to testing week, CrossFit Minnetonka athletes.

What is testing week? This is the week where the coaches program important markers of fitness. For example, a single rep max in the squat displays power and strength, but not much else. We can weed out skill and flexibility to get an answer to the question, “Did this athlete get stronger?” Alternatively, when we test rowing 1000 meters we can ask, “Did this athlete’s technique and aerobic capacity get better?”

Here are the “not so obvious” benefits of a programmed week like this:

YOU can see YOUR Progress

Sometimes it's hard to see that the small improvements are adding up. Adding 10 lbs. to your normal thruster weight doesn’t just make thruster workouts more challenging... It has an accumulation effect onto your squats, your coordination, your power and your stamina. Testing week is the week to let loose, trust all the technique drills we’ve put you through, and have some fun!

Makes YOU Better

There's nowhere to hide; you're in the gym, the music is extra loud, and nerves are higher than normal. PRs (personal records) are being broken and high fives are being thrown left and right. A PR is on your bar and you've yet to hit it. It's time to step up, the pressure is on. How you perform against yourself under pressure matters. Don't overlook the mental aspect of fitness, come in and show us #TonkaTough during testing week!

Makes US Better

The coaching staff will review your scores, so please LOG them! We will consider how to make the programming better, what skills we need to work on as a community, and what our biggest weaknesses are. We will then make adjustments for what's ahead. Your effort this week helps us a lot and we appreciate it.

Get in today to get after Cindy and finish the week strong, CFM!

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