CrossFit Minnetonka - Anwar's Journey

“Don’t be intimidated to try it. CrossFit is for everyone, not just the fittest ones. There’s a mix of everyone in the same place doing the same workout and a person who starts today can do it as well.”

Meet Anwar Aliy, a CrossFit Minnetonka community member for over a year and a half. He started CrossFit in 2018 after taking some time away from a consistent exercise program. Anwar’s goal was to get back into shape and to do something out of his comfort zone.

“For me, regular gyms were kind of boring,” said Anwar. “ I was looking for something exciting and could push me. I came across CrossFit and had to try it. It had everything that I wanted in it – strength, cardio, and gymnastics.”

Since starting his fitness journey at CrossFit Minnetonka in 2018, Anwar has lost an impressive 50 pounds through hard work and dedication in the gym and in the kitchen.

“CrossFit gives me energy. I see so many improvements in my endurance, mobility, and daily life – things I used to struggle with I am now able to do. I’ve also learned how to eat healthy which has helped me improve my life and been amazing.”

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